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Azreal Russians - Home raised since my first litter in 2004.
Birth to six weeks.
Babies are born usually 65 days after conception, I confine the queen to our bedroom and set up a birth box (though a few girls decide to have their babies in our bed). The babies remain in our bedroom for the first week of their lives, after that I move them to the spare room. At 3 weeks, when they start to move around more, I move them into a kitten pen in the spare room. Weaning starts between weeks 3 & 6, this is also when they start litter training.

Six weeks to +-14 weeks.
At 6 weeks I move the babies out of the kitten pen in the spare room into the kitten room. This gives them more space to play and grow with lots of toys, scratch post and a kitten gate that allows them to watch life up and down the passage in safty. Under supervission they are permitted to explore the house after 1st innoculation.

First innoculation is done at 8 weeks, where they are also dewormed, bathed and flea treated. Girls are spayed & micro-chipped at 10 weeks when they are still young enough not to find the stitches too entertaining. Second innoculations, another deworming, bath & flea treatment are done at 12 weeks and the week after the boys go for neuter & micro-chip. They are then ready to leave home healthy happy and full of beans.

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to work from home and spend so much time with the little ones, it is my privelage and gift to you as the owners to raise well balanced, outgoing and friendly Russians.

PS. In over 10 years of practicing early neuter & spay I have never once had an issue, not when the kittens are here with me, neither once they have gone to their new homes and into middle age.

"A3" litter:  Banana X Fred (4 girls, 1 boys - born Nov 2014)
"B3" litter:  Eviee X Sergei (2 girls, 4 boys - born Jan 2015)
"C3" litter:  Tara X Kimi (1 girl, 3 boys - born Feb 2015)
"D3" litter:  Linki X Spirit (2 girls, 2 boys - born Sept 2015)
"E3" litter:  Izzie X Vader (5 boys - born Sept 2015)
"F3" litter:  Ayla X Sergei (4 girls, 3 boys - born Nov 2015)
"G3" litter:  Eviee X Vlad (1 girl - born Nov 2015)
"H3" litter:  Tara X Yogi (2 girls, 2 boys - born Jan 2016)
"I3" litter:  Pixie X Beau (2 girls - born Feb 2016)
"J3" litter:  Ayla X Goofy (3 boys - born Oct 2016)
"K3" litter:  Eviee X Solo (1 boy, 1 girl - born Oct 2016)
"L3" litter:  Izzie X Kimi (3 girls, 2 boys - born Dec 2016)
"M3" litter:  Dani X Kimi (1 girl, 3 boys - born Dec 2016)
"N3" litter:  Eviee X Goofy (3 boys - born Feb 2017)
"O3" litter:  Ayla X Kharl (4 girls - born Sept 2017)
"P3" litter:  Iggy X Kharl (4 boys - born Oct 2017)
"Q3" litter:  Dani X Kharl (2 girls - born Oct 2017)
"R3" litter:  Lyla X Sent (Lyla did not take)
"S3" litter:  Tara X Sent (1 boy - born Jan 2018)