Gr Ch Alyona Lazurnaya Leena of Azreal (imp Holland)
Funny precious Shady joined Azreal in 2017 from my dear friend Maarje in Holland. This darling girl has the dearest personality <3
Shady also sometimes gets called Fluffy due to her super thick soft as silk coat. Shady has spectatular w/pads, beutiful ear set & wonderful noseline. She enjoys keeping my husband entertained in his office.

Azreal Lascivious Lyanna
Lyla is Izzie wizzkins very precious daughter with Kimi. A very sepcial girl with many very special Areal bred Russians in her pedigree.
Dear sweet Lyla has a very gentle personality if a little headstrong like her mother. Beautiful thick sort plush soft coat, extremely good profile, whiskerpads and ear size. She also has that specil blue base green eye colour.

CH Azreal Targaryen Thunder
Dear sweet Tara - the girl I just could NOT help but keep she is just the epitomy in type that I have been working MANY years to achieve. The daughter of beautiful Elena (Banana) and the dashing Sergei. Tara just has everything but most especially that elusive blue base green eye colour that I have been working toward for years, awesome large upright ears and well just look at her <3 she is such a special girl.

CH Azreal Ayla Amour Aurora
Ayla is Tara aboves half sister -mum is Banana of both but with Freddie as dad. Ayla is a sweet gentle girl that gets a little lost in the house between some of the more demanding girls.
Ayla has done well on show and is very correct to the SOP with lovely eye colour and super elegance and thick plush light blue coat. She is an easy girl and enjoys snuggling on the bed at night with me.
CH Azreal Daenerys Dynamite
Dani is the daughter of Linki who is the daughter of AbFab so a 3rd generation born Azreal child. Dani has done extremely well on the show bench as a kitten and as a young adult.
Dani has a very easy laid back gentle nature with a very correct to the SOP type, she has lovely upright ears, straight profile and thick as butter Russian coat.

Esky Nagasaki
Iggy is a new arrival from Alma of Esky, Iggy brings back to me finally the Xavi line, her mum is Azreal Celestial Czanana who I have been waiting years for a kitten from. Dad Neo also has an Azreal bred mum by the name of Azreal Kiska Katinka so it's very special to have these lines back home.
I cannot thank Alma enough for this special vibrant and delightful girl, she is a true gem with a very bright future ahead of her here at Azreal.