Azreal Retired Russians
One of the hardest parts of breeding is when a breeding girl or boy comes time to retire. There are two options. 1. Spay/Neuter & rehome. 2. Spay/Neuter & keep. It is not an easy decision but mostly the first is done for the health and happiness of the cat (both the one that is leaving and those that remain behind). With more than 5 cats there will always be "politics" and more especially with entire cat's that can be hormonal.

We made the decision to keep our cat population at 10 cats (it does fluctuate) in order to keep the stress on the cats and ourselves to a healthy minimum. Thus from time to time a girl or boy will come up for adoption. Read more adult re-home on my articles page.

Ch Azreal Bright Light's Crescendo Kol Rena (imp) -left
Azi was my first stud boy that came all the way from Israel. He is also the only boy (to date) to ever give me an "over all show winner" in Azreal Ariel Azure. He will always be a very special boy in my heart. Azi now lives with my friend Lilian.

Gr Ch Warwick Ruska Thembi -right
Sweet little Thembi my second girl from Stefanie, out of two Siblu imports. Thembi is a true little lady, super gentle and dignified, she now lives with a retired Professor and slave, wrapped around her paw. I could not have asked for a more loving caring home for Thembi.

Sp Pr Azreal Ariel Azure -left
The incredibly beautiful show pet Azure came back to live with me for a short while. Azure was my very first kitten born in my very first litter born. He is (to date) my only "over all show winner". Azure found a fantastic home with kitten when she left for her forever home.

Sp Pr Azreal Bakari R.Q. N.Q. -right
My sweet Boo Boo who I hand raised from day six, lives with us as our only neuter. The son of Azi and Thembi he is my precious little angle that anyone who knows me- know's his story. Bakari was never bred from and was neutered at 3 months of age, he went on to become one of my most honoured home bred Russians having both the N.Q. & R.Q. titles behind his name.

Sp Pr Azreal Electra Light -left
Electra is the daughter of Azi and Sky and a very gentle girl that just wanted her OWN lap and ALL the attention. She found it when she left with a kitten and is now the light and love of her adoring mum & dad.

Ch Silversheen Nordic Light's -right
The biggest boy I have ever owned, Nordi weighs in at a laid back 8kg's. I had a couple come to visit as potential kitten owners who simply just FELL inlove with Nordi and begged me that when he retired I would consider them for his new home. They took a kitten from his first litter and then waited patiently until he was neutered.

Gr Ch Pyret Lady Eketerina (imp) -left
Darling Trinity, who I sadly lost to when Wowee her daughter never gave me a litter. Trin now has her own family to love and found her forever home with a wonderful retired couple as an only pet.

Ch Pyret Prince Dmitri (imp) -right
Neo who arrived with Trinity as the very first Russian Black entire in South Africa after a few years making fab babies he did a short stint as teaser tom and and had a few more litters :). Neo is now rehomed with Janet his adoring slave.

Sp Ch Warwick Va Czarina R.Q. N.Q. DM -left
Sky, the most special girl in the world just did not settle down in our home as a spay, she was constantly trying to steal the kittens out the kitten room. Sky was also my first girl (Brood Queen of the Year 2011) and incredibly hard for me to part with but she found the most perfect devoted slave in Lolly.

Ch Azreal Pavla Patrova -right
Daughter of Sky and Nordi and a real little prima-donna. Poppet the Loppet is a funny little girl that living the life with Mali as her devoted slave.

Gr Ch Azreal Jade Jaronah -left
Daughter of Thembi and Azi (full sister to Bakari) is a darling child she has had an exciting life but is finally in her forever home.

Ch Daliena's Xavi Hernandez (imp) -right
A very special quiet boy that made the MOST amazing babies. An old soul that also just needed a nice quiet home of his own to chill and relax.

Ch Azreal Xantha -left
Oeffff Wowee was my heart break girl, who decided motherhood was just not for her, another hand raised child that broke my heart when she left to her PERFECT home (thank you Cobus & Adri). Not only was motherhood not for her but sharing me with anyone was just beyond her.

Ch Daliena's Varvara (imp) -right
Vavi, the sweetest most darling girl who will literally throw herself at you for love and attention. Vavi found her forever home as an only pet where she is simply the total and utter centre of attention.

Ch Azreal Safire Satin Sky -left
Safire, like many of my re-home girls just WANTED love and struggled to share with any of the other cats. I cannot complain (as hard as it is for me) that the main reason I have had to re-home is because the Russians are just such adorling, loving cat's.

Gr Ch Azreal Faberge -right
Dearest AbFab came up for retirement when I had ONE shot at using Azreal JazzziJeff Jagger belonging to Catherine before he was neutered. I thus kept Little Linki AbFab's dauther and thus one step further in the genetic diversity. AbFab is a very happy spoilt rotten retired girl living with her dear buddy Neo & Banana thanks to Janet.

(WCF) Ch Azreal Riverlight Hinezka (imp) -left
Eventually all good and fun things need to come to an end, Bubble was spayed after many beautiful litters and giving a few very fortunate people some of the MOST entertaining babies ever born at Azreal. Bubble is now spayed and living life to the full with dear friend Bernadine.

Ch Raska Blu Elena of Azreal (imp) -right
Special Banana who is matched by her beauty with her gentle soft sensitive temperament. Banana was spayed after the ultra special Tara & beautiful Ayla walk proudly in her dainty footsteps. Such a special girl needed a special home and she joined Neo & Abby with Janet.

Tr Sp Ch Azreal Sergei Starlin N.Q. R.Q. -left
Sergei is and will always be my epitomy of the perfect Stud and I would gladly have kept him for another 10 years BUT loving a boy enough to neuter him and send him off to a loving pet home is the least I can do. Sergei from the moment his mum Sky left to go to Lolly was always hers.

(WCF) Sp Ch RU* Swaldiphary Kashira Kristal of Azreal (imp) -right
My souldmate cat Pixie is now spayed and sleeping happily on our bed. Pixie remains the dominant female in our home, she never dropped her status after spay and rules the home with an iron fist.

Sp CH Kimara Jazz N Blues Azastar of Azreal R.Q. N.Q. (imp) -left
Dearest Goofy and his son Kimi were re-homed together to my dear friend Alexanne who has one of Goofy's first son's, Father & half brothers now live happily ever after together with much love.

Sp Ch Azreal Nikimara Narzulah R.Q. N.Q. - right
Sweetest Kimi and his dad Goofy now living happily with Alexanne <3 nothing more special than a bonded pair of stud boys getting their forever home together.

Sp Ch Kimara Zaris Evelina (imp) R.Q. N.Q. R.W. - left
Shew special Eviee <3 retiring this girl was one of the hardest after Sky. BUT dear Eviee left me to go live with long time friend Ron. An extra special girl for a very special friend <3

Sp CH Azreal Izzie Innuendo R.Q. N.Q. - right
Year after year special girls leave me, it is the circle of breeding and extremely hard, Izzie my dear sweet darling now lives a very happy relaxed life and an only much LOVED girl with Terena.